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With two family owned locations in Grandville, MI and Greenville, SC, Apogee Therapy Center offers a wide range of therapies and a personalized approach to help our patients reach their peak performance and maximum potential.

Apogee Therapy Center is a Functional Medicine / Integrative Health Therapy Center consisting of Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy and Nutrition Therapy. It is our aim to provide personal, compassionate care delivered by highly trained and experienced therapists.

Stop in today and see how we can help you get better and live better!

Jeff Carter, PT, MBA & David Carter, PT, DPT

“We welcome you to Apogee and we are here to serve you and provide you Personal Care to achieve Peak Performance."

Our Services

Our holistic approach sets Apogee Therapy Center apart from the norm and places us at the vanguard for patient care.

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

(Grandville Only)

Massage Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Functional Medicine / Integrative Health

Functional Medicine Based (FMB), Integrative Health Based (IHB) care uses a comprehensive holistic approach to assess and treat our patients with a targeted aim to provide a personalized and distinct treatment plan based on patient specific lifestyle, medical status, and goals.

Unlike The Traditional Medical Model, which is segmented into treating a specific body part or condition, FMB / IBH treats the person as a whole and treats the condition as it relates and interacts with the whole person.

FMB / IBH is proactive and seeks to establish a healthy body / lifestyle which is the foundation of prevention of disease and disability.

Apogee Therapy Center's Functional Medicine Based / Integrative Health Based approach treats you as family because you are family to us!

Whether a patient is seen primarily for physical therapy, speech, massage, personal training, or nutrition, we deeply hold to the principle “Food is Medicine” and we offer basic to extensive Nutrition Education to all.

Our RD Nutritionist is highly trained and skilled in Nutrition Science. Our staff is constantly educated to stay abreast of the latest Nutrition Science Research and does not follow the latest “Fad Diets”. Nutrition Health is a master key to general health and vitality. Our holistic nutrition approach sets Apogee Therapy Center apart from the norm and places us at the vanguard for patient care.

Team Apogee

Jeffrey S. Carter

PT, MBA - Grandville, MI

David S. Carter

PT, DPT - Greenville, SC

Lora G. Carter

PT, DPT - Greenville, SC

Sharon C. Carter

RDN, LDN - Grandville, MI/Greenville, SC

Why Choose Apogee?

Hundreds of patients are spreading the word all over West Michigan and Greenville, South Carolina of the excellent care they received.

Our patients have received the Personal Care we promised to deliver and have achieved Peak Performance enabling them to return to work, sports, and / or home activity they desired to perform.

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