Speech Therapy

What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

Speech-Language Pathologists, or SLPs, help children and adults with a variety of speech and language deficits. SLPs diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders. Our SLP’s work with patients and their families to incorporate therapeutic interventions into all aspects of our patients’ lives. Our goal is to create a patient-centered therapy program for each patient we treat. Our therapy approaches embrace the individuality of each patient. Because each individual comes to us with different strengths and needs, we utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions to help each patient achieve their goals. We strive to help ensure that each patient is able to participate in the world around them to their fullest ability.

What can you expect when you go for speech therapy?

First, the patient information and health insurance will be provided to the receptionist along with the doctor referral for speech therapy. The speech therapist will need to evaluate the patient, and this may include reading tasks, responding to questions, interactive games (for children), a standardized test, or swallowing evaluation while eating or drinking. The speech pathologist will identify treatment options and discuss which ones will likely benefit the patient the most.

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