Physical Therapy

Do you have aches and pains?

Would you like to avoid or reduce your use of medications or possibly avoid surgery to treat them?

You may be able to help your injury heal properly and avoid invasive surgery by utilizing physical therapy. In cases where surgery is required, it is important that you have a highly skilled physical therapist to bring you back to your peak performance.

Did you know that sometimes scar tissue develops from an injury and that by having scar tissue broken up you’ll restore movement and relieve pain? A physical therapist has the skill to do that for you.

Physical Therapy treats a variety of conditions from traumatic to overuse injuries by utilizing manual (hands on treatment), therapeutic exercises, postural and ergonomic training, and a variety of modalities from ultrasound to various applications of electrical stimulation.

What level of expertise can you expect from your physical therapist?

  • Physical therapists are highly trained healthcare providers.
  • Today’s practitioners graduate with a doctorate degree.
  • They have hours of clinical skills accumulated.
  • Physical therapists must pass their licensing exam in order to achieve the credential of P.T.
  • In the State of Michigan, you will need a physician’s referral to be treated with physical therapy.

What can you expect when you go for physical therapy?

  • There will be the check in with the receptionist in order to get your personal and health insurance information.
  • The doctor will give you a prescription, and you should bring that to your first appointment or have the doctor fax it to Apogee Therapy Center.
  • Apogee’s atmosphere is welcoming and pleasant.
  • We have a state of the art facility with a comprehensive set of exercise and training equipment and there are also private and semi-private treatment rooms to meet your needs.
  • Once you have met your therapist, you will begin the evaluation process.
  • Your therapist is looking to see what movements and structures cause your pain and assesses your current functional level.
  • Your therapist will ask a lot of questions and try to help you think through the cause of your issue and will develop a comprehensive program to assist you on your road to recovery.
  • Our therapists are highly trained in problem solving and critical thinking skills, and these skills help our therapist to get to the root of your issue.
  • After the evaluation, your physical therapist will oversee the plan that he/she has developed for you. This will likely involve therapy two or three times per week for several weeks in order to promote healing, work on strengthening, flexibility, endurance, functional training and instruct you in how to prevent re-injury.

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